#9 Lettera di presentazione alla hfamily!

Ho appena finito di scriverla, dopo tre ore.
Vi giuro, son morta ahaha 
Ho dovuto scriverla in tre lingue, perché dovevo dire tante cose quindi non sarei riuscita a scriverla subito in francese e perciò ci ho messo un'eternità. 
Alla fine in inglese l'ho tradotta mezza con google translator e poi l'ho corretta quindi magari ci saranno errori ma amen, si attaccano e fa nulla ahah. 
Vabbe, vi lascio quella inglese!

Dear Family,
My name is Sara, I'm 16 years old and I live in Bra, in the province of Cuneo. I’m attending the third year of the Language High School in my hometown and I study English, French and German; In fact, I am very passionate about foreign languages ​​and cultures. My school is not very easy, I have to work hard and study a lot and consistently. Usually, the study takes me about 3 hours a day.
One of my greatest passions is athletic which I  practice for seven years. Sport has always helped me to deal with the problems in the best way and taught me to follow my dreams. I’m not practising it in a competitive way anymore, but I keep training and I hope to have the opportunity to practice it in France. My other passion is football and I follow it since I was a child; I've always been fans of AC Milan and now I also follow other leagues and in Ligue 1 I like PSG. For this reason one of my biggest dream is to become a sports journalist . I like listening to music and I played the guitar. Among the genres that I prefer there’s rock, but I also listen to pop commercial. My favourite bands are Pink Floyd, AC / DC and 5 Seconds of Summer. I love reading and my favourite saga is Harry Potter. I love the American TV series like The vampire diaries and I also watch them often in English.
The relationship with my family is amazing and with them I can talk about everything. My dad’s name is Silvio, he’s 52  and  he is an employee; My mom’s name Rajae, she was born in Morocco and she lives here for almost twenty years, she is also employed; I have a sister, Maria, who is 13 years old and she attends eighth grade.
My mom always spoke French with me since I was a child and it is also for this reason that I chose France as host country. My family has always supported me in everything and is still is doing it. We are united and my parents are very understanding, but I have always rules to follow, and I mustn’t betray their trust.  We make many trips abroad and mainly we like to visit museums and art cities. In fact, I don’t like sea so much. I prefer the mountain even though I do not know how to ski and how to do other snow sports.
I chose France because it is the country where I spent most of my summer holidays and I would also like to improve my French and learn the culture of the place. I particularly like your way of life, very different from the Italian one.
I always give my parents a hand with the housework and I hope to contribute also to you; at school I like to participate at extracurricular activities and I hope to have the chance to do them also in France. I will strive to be very active, to do well in school, to respect your rules and to integrate well both at home and in the community. I sincerely hope that this experience will help me to grow, to not disappoint your expectations and to spend an unforgettable year together with you.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great opportunity you have given me, and for all that you’ll  do for me.

un bacione!



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